German Dubbing Studio for Voiceover, Documentaries, Film & TV Series

We specialise in German Dubbing and have dubbed 1000’s of hours of content, including TV series, documentary films, cinema and TV movies, games, corporate videos and advertisements. We have a dedicated team of in-house project managers, recording and mix engineers, not to mention an army of freelance script writers, directors and a massive database of native German dubbing actors. All have dedicated their careers to achieving seamless German dubs. Feel free to get in contact to find out how we can bring your production to the German market.

We also offer complete production audio sound services, including: On-Location Recording, Dialogue Recording, Dubbing & ADR Services, Final Mix and Mastering, Sound Design, Original Music Composition, Music Supervising, Complete Trailer Audio.

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Berlin ADR Studio

Our studio is specialised in ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement). We have worked on many international as well as German original productions. We are masters of the various workflows and fulfil all technical specifications and data security regulations to meet all requirements your project requires.

The recording session can be remotely attended via any combination of Source Connect, Session Link Pro, Skype or phone-patch no matter where your director or production studio is located. We also have native English speaking audio engineers to help make the communication smoother!

TV & Radio Commercial Audio

Take advantage of our many years of experience with sound for television and radio commercials. We dedicate time and care to work with you in order to develop the most effective and ear-catching audio for your campaign.

Our services for commercials include Voice over recording, sound design, composition of original music, jingles and sound logos, with final mix and mastering, ready for broadcast.

When the production is finished, we can offer you your commercial in a variety of formats, including the necessary broadcast formats.

German Game Localization

We love games! That’s why we work in all areas of game audio & game localization, including sound design, interactive game music and game voiceover.

We also offer full audio implementation services, and can work with your custom middleware programs, or commercially available packages such as FMOD Designer and WWise.

Original Music for Your Production

We can create custom music for your production, or you can choose from our large database of our pre-composed music. Our talented range of composers can create original music in just about every style and genre. We’re always writing new music and posting it on our music playlists. Almost all of this music is available for licence.

Please get in touch with us if you find something you would like to use on your production. No matter what you require, we can create music with the correct feel to support the visuals and bring your project to life!

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Live Recording Services Berlin

Oxygen Sound Studios now offers mobile recording services for your live performance. Whether it’s a band, theatre or classical performance, we can capture it in pristine audio quality.

We offer regular stereo room recordings as well as complex multitrack set up’s with a range of different microphones available. We’re able to cater for all different styles and locations! Get in contact with us to find out about our rates or for a tailor-made quotation for your needs.

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Explore how we implement our quality audio services in some or our latest projects and see why the biggest brands worldwide have chosen Oxygen Sound Studios as their trusted partner.

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